Sean Conn Bio

Sean Jones AKA Sean Conn is a Emcee hailing from Queens New York and is known to many as a legend in his own right..
Sean watched as Hip Hop Evolved and by the age of 15 Sean began to write rhymes, Sean would rush to his friends house after school and write rhymes every day developing his talent and honing his skills. By the age of 17 Sean And a Childhood friend decided to make a demo (That now is a international collectors item Google "MB Network" By 2001 the they both decided it would be best to part ways. Sean started on his Solo Artist Journey Sean Conn released a mixtape that became very popular then started to have meetings with record labels in 2003 including a meeting with J records where they wanted Sean Conn, Tru Mac, Papoose and 2 other rappers to form a group. Sean declined on the group deal but kept his solo options open. In 2005 Sean Conn Recorded a LP titled (THE ONE) and only made 100 copies gave it out to a few fans for the love of hip hop that LP is now a Rare Classic.

In 2006 Sean Conn joined forces with Elus from The Bronx and Frsh Aire From Harlem to form the Hip Hop Super Group TRIBORO (Google TRIBORONYC for more details)  From 2007 to 2011 Sean Conn became a 5x Guinness world record holder for the longest continuous rap cypher in history 24 hours nonstop and ended the record with 28 hours straight. Sean Conn is also a multiple award winning artist winning buzz factor of the year in 2012 and most original male artist in 2014. Last 2 years Sean has been touring the US performing everywhere and his new music is currently on rotation on stations across the country  including Hot 97 (TRI STATE AREA) as well as many Internet radio stations. In 2015 Sean Conn started his own Corporation (VIGGA ENTERTAINMENT) and On May 27th 2016 Sean Conn released his first single (Silver Lining) off the upcoming LP titled  (The Man With The Golden Mic) With a music video that had hit all the major blog sites with great reviews and the music video surpassed 100,000 views in its first month out.

In the fall of 2016 Sean Conn released a 2nd Music Video  (The Golden Mic) That is being called one of the best videos of the year. Ending off 2016 Sean Conn released his 2nd single titled (The Highlight) which was debuted By DJ Funk Master Flex  is currently in rotation on Commercial, Satellite and Internet stations Globally. For 2017 Sean Conn is finishing up his LP (The Man With The Golden Mic) for a August 25th release and his own video game titled (Quest For The Golden Mics) due to be released on October 31st 2017.